Top 10 theme parks

Like going to theme parks and you are tired to go to the same one every year and it is getting boarding and want a new challenge and scary rides or water slides. Or if you never went on a fun ride. Make it your bucket list. Here are the top 10 theme parks you should consider visiting. 

Knoebels Amusement Resort

 This theme park located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. It is a family-owned par that opened in 1926 and has 60 rides plus a wooden ride and has and has one steel too. In this park, there is something for the whole family. This theme park is named after the Knoebels family that opened it and stands there. In 1972 the theme park was under a flood. This theme has also a camping site where people can camp and enjoy themselves. It is also a thing for kids to do. 

Dells Water Park

Go beyond the seven seas. Dell’s water parks are located in Wisconsin. This is the capital city of the water park. In very were you look you just see water parks. All the parks are suitable for children even for the whole family. There are many waterslides in the area, there are some waterparks that are outdoors and the same are indoors.  So, you can choose which water park you can visit. 

Hershey park

I want to go on a family holiday where there is many things to do for the whole family. This park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It is everything a kid ever dreamed of. The theme is candy. There a lot of things a kid can do. With everything when you say there and at Christmas time you can get free cookies and free chocolate milk. Don’t forget to go to Chocolate town where you can ride the highest coaster that is about 15th tall, and the theme of this candy who doesn’t like candy and chocolate. 

If you are bored at home ask your parents if they may take you to a family day or if you don’t have any idea where to go on your next family holiday go to these theme parks it is suitable for the whole family and nobody will be bored at the holiday and teenagers will not be the whole day on their phone. When you want that family time now it is the best time to have it.

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