6 Amazing Places to Travel to in the USA

Travelling can turn out to be a liberating experience for people who love to explore new places. It gives you an ease of mind, lifetime experiences, and to meet new people! If you are travelling to the USA, for the first time, then these are 6 places to visit to make your trip even better.America is littered with iconic statues, historical places, surging skyscrapers, and beautiful beaches.

  1. Arizona To See The Grand Canyon

If you want your trip to be truly memorable, you must visit the site of the majestic Grand Canyon National Park, as it will leave you in complete awe of its beauty. Listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO, it has been a favorite tourist destination for people throughout the world. The true feels of the majestic site can be felt while walking the 277 miles along the canyon to the bottom. The Grand Canyon is meant to make you feel infinitely small in its vastness, along with the Arizona Park being the perfect place to hike.

  • New York City

New York City is famous for its scenic beauty, surging skyscrapers, museums, and the monumental statue of liberty. Whether you are spending your day exploring the exhibits of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, attending theatre shows, you are bound to never feel bored in the excitement of the city. The Big Apple is another favorite tourist destination as apart from the Statue of Liberty home to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, andthe Empire State Building, all of which is utterly mesmerizing to look at!

  • Washington, D.C.

USA capital, Washington, D.C. also hoards many monumental historical sites, such as Lincoln Memorial, National Zoo, and War Memorials. Along with that, it is filled with Smithsonian museums, which gives insight to travels on the history of the land, and its people. Also travelling in Washington D.C. is also very cheap, so there’s no problem of maintain budget.

  • New Orleans

Some cities have a different aura to themselves because of the rich cultural history lying beneath it. New Orleans is one of those soulful cities that has become a hub of different cultures living together: American, African, and French. Along with the food, it has the best nightlife on the Bourbon street, and also the city’s rich music history: jazz and rock &roll.

  • Philadelphia

Philadelphia is also renowned as a World Heritage city by UNESCO. It was also the capital of the USA, before Washington D.C. It has its historic sites, such as the Independence Hall and Liberty Bell.

  • Maui

Maui has a lot to offer with many beaches and parks to relax. It serves as a great gateway spot, where you can cruise along the road to Hana or dwell in the sands of Kaihalulu. Therefore, this island is a must place to visit. 

These are some of the best places to visit in the United States, so whether you are just a visitor or live in the States, you can visit these places and have great experiences.

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